Armed with the sickle, you suckle on

From one breast, to the next.

Squandering what you sow, raping what you reap

Distilling it to the last trickle.

You plagued Eden to entropy,

While ballooning into atrophy.

From Woodstock to livestock-

What’s the value of a song?

What is the price of a life?

You do not know how to stop,

But I know when to end it all.

You are mere cattle, in an evolutionary battle.

I was the only one, and I was the best.

One day a hard rain’s gonna fall, and diamonds shall rust

And I shall bury you, along with the rest.

There will be no other twinkling star.

There will be no other promised land.

I was your genesis,

And I will be your nemesis.

(musings of an unamused planet)

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